League Partnership Agreement

Make sure you have already registered on our website here https://soardogg.com/my-account/ Make sure to use your organization’s email (you will receive notifications of sales from your shop). Also make sure this email is attached to your PayPal account to receive commission payouts.

After you’ve registered, please fill out the form below to help us get all the necessary details required to get you set up with your new shop!


Please read and accept the following disclaimer before proceeding.

By accepting this partnership, you understand and agree that what you are receiving is NOT free merchandise. You will receive free apparel design and set up for a shop on our website. Your shop will take anywhere from 1-3 Weeks to be officially setup and available for purchases. You will then earn a 15-20% commission on all sales from your shop with possible incentives for increased commissions and/or perks (giveaways, additional discounts, free additions to your shop, etc...) depending on your shops ongoing performance with us. Additional apparel designs will be available at any time to add to your shop at a 25% discount cost from publicly advertised rates unless prior partnership agreements have been made. These new designs will be added to your shop within 1-3 weeks from ordering/requesting depending on workload. All merchandise has stated turnaround times. When purchasing, you are agreeing to these turnarounds, so keep them in mind should you have deadlines for events. If you have an urgent request/deadline, YOU MUST reach out to us first and we will advise you if we can meet the deadline or not before placing your orders.

You must announce your partnership with us and tag us in the post as well as must actively advertise your shop on your social media accounts and on your organization's website. This partnership agreement is valid for a 1 year period and will automatically renew as long as neither party has any issues or concerns.

What are your organizations social channels? (Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc)