Affiliates / Sponsorships

Think you've got what it take to be part of the #SDCREW?

What You Can Get!

  • Listing under #SDCREW on
  • 10% OFF Discount Code To Promote to Your Audience
  • 10% OFF All Merchandise at for YOU and Your Audience
  • 20-25% off ALL GFX for Yourself (25% after 50 Sales with your Code)
  • Start earning 5% Cash Back in SOARBucks (can be redeemed for GFX & Merchandise) once you’ve reach $1,000 in Referral Sales.
  • FREE basic updates to all purchased GFX as long as you’re sponsored.
  • 1 FREE GFX or Tee for YOU after EVERY 10 Referrals/Sales with your code.
  • Random Shout Outs to HELP YOU GROW your following!
  • Random GFX/Merch Giveaways (up to 4/year) for YOUR FOLLOWERS on twitter or twitch to HELP US BOTH GROW
  • Quarterly Prizes/Giveaway to MOST Active #SDCREW Family Member (GFX, Posters, Tees, Gear, etc…)
  • Possibility to have Your own Tees/Apparel at (Starting 10% Commision with potential to earn up to 20% COMMISSION on Sales)

What We Do Expect!

  • MUST rock our GFX on at least 1 Social Profile
  • MUST have a Minimum of 1,000 Followers or be VERY ACTIVE.
  • MUST have our Twitter @ In Your own Twitter BIO
  • MUST have our Logo/Link in Your Twitch Panels
  • MUST Follow us on: Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Facebook & Instagram (if you’re on them)
  • Try your best to RT & Like our tweets regularly (complete inactivity will get you dropped)
  • Shout us out/Recommend us for GFX/Apparel to your audience (The more you do, the more benefits you get! Minimum of 1 per week requested)
  • CAN NOT have/promote other GFX or Apparel Sponsors (This is a conflict of interest)
  • Must purchase at least 1 design item (for GFX/Full Sponsorships)
  • Must purchase at least 1 apparel design item (for Full/Shop Sponsorships)
  • Minimal cursing online, respect others, avoid drama and NO Porn/Nudity posts, Favs or Retweets (I will check and this will get you dropped)

Ready to get started?

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Affiliates / Sponsorships April 14, 2016