Sway Gaming was founded in 2011 as a public organization named “Sway2eZ” by Anthony “Hostility” Morris, Anthony “Kuoda” Pellone, Tyler “RooTz” Marutz, and Jason “oDDiTy” Cornacchio. The name was changed to Sway Gaming as of 2012 and has grown to be a international organization with members and teams based out of the NA, EU, and AU scene who span from console to PC gaming.

We are dedicated to improving both eSports and our members in both skill and virtues. Sway specializes in dedication, loyalty, skill, desire to achieve higher, and team management skills. We believe in higher standards of personality and maturity that show professionalism in both gaming and daily life routines.

Our Goal: To provide a ground of professionalism across all platforms of gaming and regular life, to strive to prove we can be the best at everything we do, and to provide excellent marketing with ourselves and any/all companies/businesses within the eSports community.

We are the #SwayFam and we will #UnleashTheLion.

Sold By : SwayGG
Sold By : SwayGG