WARFIGHTER ENGAGED is a 501(C)3, volunteer charitable non-profit with a mission to improve the lives of severely wounded and disabled warfighters through custom adapted devices. We modify video game controllers, make prosthetic enhancements, recreational and other novel devices for greater independence. With no two injuries or disabilities being alike and no readily available solutions to address these specific needs, the vast majority of modifications to these devices can only be determined by one on one interaction with the individual. This service is performed for wounded and disabled veterans at Walter Reed NMMC, Brooke Army Medical Center, individual’s homes and other locations as needed. All adapted items are provided at no cost to the warfighter.

Game controller modification work ranges from relocated buttons for those with upper limb mobility issues or single hand amputees to table top rigs for multiple upper limb amputees where every input is re‐mapped to more convenient interface methods such as paddles, levers, bumpers or large buttons. Beyond the recreational items are devices to help the disabled veterans cope with the basic daily living functions we all take for granted. The therapeutic potential of video games is an emerging field, and we aim to support our Veterans through custom adapted video gaming controllers and more complex rigs. We also develop prosthetic adapters to help users get the most out of the prosthesis some must wear. Warfighter Engaged exists because it is the least we can do to help our wounded and disabled service members after the sacrifices they have made.