Kryptic Mystery Box (Limited Edition)


  • Now is your chance to snag a limited-edition mystery box from your favorite team! Each box will include a selection of exclusive merch items not available otherwise! Box comes in 2 sizes, Standard and MEGA!! The standard box comes with 2-4 mystery items and the MEGA comes with 4-7 mystery items. This Mystery Box is only available during Pre-Order until 2/20/23 so Grab yours TODAY!

    *Mystery Box

    This is to give us a guideline to make sure if we include a Shirt/Hoodie in your box, that it has a good chance of fitting you. We produce products all over the world and some regions' sizes vary compared to US sizes. We will attempt to make sure that if sizes run smaller from the region it's printed, to increase your size by 1-2 sizes based on availability, but we cannot guarantee fit.

    *Tops Size

All mockups on our site are for reference only. Actual items may vary slightly in color hue or design based on the fabrics and/or the actual trim and fit of products. SKU: SD047389 Categories: , Tags: , , ,