Affiliate Program


  • Listing under #SDCREW on our site (in development)
  • 10% OFF Discount Code To Promote to Your Audience
  • Start earning 5-10% Cash Back in SOARBucks (to be used on Merchandise) once you’ve reached $1,500 in Referral Sales*.
  • FREE basic updates to all purchased Merch as long as you’re in our program.
  • 1 FREE design or t-shirt for YOU to keep or giveaway after 10 Referrals/Sales with your code.
  • Random Shout Outs and Retweets to HELP YOU GROW your following!
  • Random Merch Giveaways (up to 4/year) for YOUR FOLLOWERS on twitter or twitch to HELP US BOTH GROW (based on your performance)
  • Quarterly Prizes/Giveaway to MOST Active #SDCREW Family Member (Posters, Tees, Gear, Gift Cards, etc…)
  • Possibility to be upgraded to our Partnership Program and earn up to 20% COMMISSION on Sales in your shop*(based on your performance)


  • MUST rock our GFX/Logo on at least 1 Social Profile
  • MUST have a Minimum of 1,000 Followers or be VERY ACTIVE
  • MUST place @SOARDOGG In Your own Twitter BIO
  • MUST have our Logo/Link in Your Twitch/Facebook Gaming Panels
  • MUST follow us on: Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook & Instagram (if you’re on them)
  • MUST RT/Like & Interact our tweets regularly (complete inactivity will get you dropped)
  • Recommend us for Apparel to your audience (The more you do, the more benefits you get! Minimum of once per week requested)
  • MUST NOT promote other Apparel Sponsors (This is a conflict of interest)
  • Must purchase at least 1 merch design (for Shop Sponsorships)
  • Minimal cursing online, respect others, avoid drama and NO Porn/Nudity posts, Faves or Retweets (I will check and this will get you dropped)

By applying, you are agreeing to a minimum 1 year affiliate contract.


Ready To Join The #SDCREW?


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Note: What you provide here will tell us much more about weather or not we want to add you to the #SDCREW. Please do not leave this blank, and be serious in your answer as it will help determine if you are a good fit for us. If you leave it blank or put no effort into your response, your application will be ignored.