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    Any item listed here is a limited item. This means that it is temporary while supplies last. Each limited item has a minimum quantity commitment. If the minimum quantity is not sold, you as the shop owner are responsible to pay for the balance. The setup fee for limited items involves pre-printing, securing inventory, UV Screen-printed decals, etc.. Limited Edition items are only available to those who have pre-existing stores or are ordering a store setup.


    This affordable option lets you choose additional colorways for your merch instead of having to pay for all new setups. Designs will be the same, but using the new colorway you select. Describe your colorway in the box below.


    Please be a specific as possible with your design idea including colors and elements you wish to be included in the final designs. Please keep in mind that basic tees, hoodies & hats will consist of your logo, name or hashtags in your colors ONLY.

    Please read and accept the following disclaimer before proceeding.

    By accepting this, you understand and agree that what you are receiving is NOT merchandise, and is ONLY design & setup of a new shop or adding-on to an existing shop on our website. All designs are to be exclusively printed by SOARDOGG and you are giving permission to sell your brands IP on our sites. Your shop will take anywhere from 2-4 Weeks to be officially setup and available for purchases. You will then earn a 5-15% commission on all sales from new items in your shop with possibility for perks (giveaways, additional discounts, free additions to your shop, etc...) depending on your shops ongoing performance with us. Additional apparel designs will be available at any time to add to your shop by ordering them from the custom apparel section of our site. These new designs will be added to your shop within 2-3 weeks from ordering or possibly longer depending on workload. All merchandise has stated turnaround times. When purchasing, you are agreeing to these turnarounds, so keep them in mind should you have deadlines for events. If you have an urgent request/deadline, YOU MUST reach out to us first and we will advise you if we can meet the deadline or not before placing your order.

All mockups on our site are for reference only. Actual items may vary slightly in color hue or design based on the fabrics and/or the actual trim and fit of products.
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