Out of Stock ALERTS!

Due to Covid-19 production delays, staff shortages, restrictions, and closures throughout all of 2020, the apparel industry has been struggling to catch up. Basically, the inventory of blanks across the globe is at an all-time low. From t-shirts and hoodies to hats and beanies, all products are still experiencing shortages in certain colors and sizes in almost every brand. We utilize 100s of brands here at SOARDOGG and print from over 20 locations worldwide, so we’ve been able to mostly manage the shortages by simply shifting from 1 brand to another or from 1 facility to the next, but we’ve come to the point where orders may be delayed from several weeks while we wait on inventory at our facilities. Not this won’t happen for all orders as it’s not everything at all times that we’re having shortages on, but some will be affected.

Here is a list of items being affected most:

  • Black Tshirts and Hooded Sweatshirts sizes 4XL & 5 XL
  • Snapback Hats in Dual Tone colors (eg: black hat w/grey brim)
  • Richardson Trucker Hats
  • White and Black Beanies

We just ask that if your order is delayed, please be patient. We try to minimize the delays as best as possible by using our shift and proceed method. Hopefully, the industry as a whole will be stabilized by the end of 2021.

As always, thanks for your continued support!

Pablo, aka SOAR

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