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Bulk orders do not earn commissions for shops.

    Different tshirt styles have different costs. Please keep this in mind.

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    The total quantity MUST match the number of shirts being ordered. If your totals do not match, your order will be placed on hold until quantities are verified and confirmed.



    Select the LATEST DATE you can receive a package for this event.

    Please choose your turnaround based on when you need them delivered. Please keep in mind, that your turnaround starts on the next business day after you've placed your order as long as it was placed by 1pm Eastern Time. The turnaround for orders placed after 2pm starts on the 2nd business day after you've placed your order.



    Please include any important details not covered in the above fields. Please keep in mind to allow a minimum of 1-2 additional business days if you are ordering a new design not listed on our site.



    Please read and accept the following disclaimer before proceeding.

    All custom orders are non-refundable. By accepting this, you understand and also agree to our terms & return policies. When purchasing, you are agreeing to the turnarounds selected, so keep in mind your deadlines for events. If you have an urgent request/deadline, All garments MUST and WILL ship to 1 address only.

All mockups on our site are for reference only. Actual items may vary slightly in color hue or design based on the fabrics and/or the actual trim and fit of products.
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